The latest and most innovative construction building toy on the market!

Each piece can be connected to the next in a variety of ways, making both solid connections, and flexible, moving joints! KnuckleStrutz is an educational toy that encourages creativity and imagination in your child. KnuckleStrutz joints allow you to dynamically morph, transform, and re-shape your creations into all kinds of configurations including helicopter and motorcycle toys. Check out our amazing model sets, including the Big Rig and Fire Truck, with 397 pieces and the ability to make 8 models, it’s our biggest and most creative kit yet!


Geometry construction set is made of interlocking geometric shapes. with the amazing morphing power of KnuckleStrutz joints, these building toys can transform, while all of the pieces are still connected!


Geometry construction set is made of interlocking geometric shapes. with the amazing morphing power of KnuckleStrutz joints, these building toys can transform, while all of the pieces are still connected!

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  • I used enjoy playing with Lincoln Logs as a child, and love seeing my boys enjoy them just as much. These are just as fun as those so dont miss out on getting your kids something great. The possibilities are endless with KnuckleStrutz®. My Boys use the KnuckleStrutz® to build multiple size cars, motorcycle, trucks and educational toys.

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New Educational Building Toy Sets

There is an exciting new kids’ building set on the market. KnuckleStrutz Toy Company has, with much creative and hard work, designed an incredibly interconnectible construction set that combines features of three long time favorites; Lincoln Logs, Legos and Knex. To say the least, these are not your everyday building blocks. These are the latest and most innovative educational construction building toys on the market.

KnuckleStrutz wanted to design a construction toy that was more than just building blocks. To encourage children to imagine, dream and innovate was a goal as the KnuckleStrutz developers themselves would expand their imagination in creating new products. The first KnuckleStrutz part was designed in December 1999. After many revisions, they have now designed kits that include gears and tires to enhance the usage options of their building pieces.

There are many gadgets and educational programs that are available in today’s high tech world. The technology naturally draws the curiosity of the mind. However, it takes away much of the “knowing how to do” and the understanding of “why” something works. These skills are necessary for a society to maintain and pass on to its youngsters. It is important that our children have the tools to develop these skills. KnuckleStrutz building sets encourages this form of skill development.

It is known that the child that uses their minds and hands together to build – to innovate – can develop better thinking skills for math and reading as well as communication skills. Also, working together as a team teaches one how to cooperate, participate, accept and respect others as well as how to learn from other’s ideas.

KnuckleStrutz pieces are durable and colorful. They are formed with various configurations of balls and claws. The claws fit around the balls allowing for movement. Structure can be either two dimensional or three. The possibilities are nearly endless. Visit our website to view videos showing examples of how the pieces can fit together and be used.

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The great concept about the KnuckleStrutz pieces, is that there are a variety of ways for them to connect. They can make solid connections; they can also make flexible connections allowing the ability to make movable joints. The sets assure that you have appropriate and enough pieces to make the identified project as well as instructions – teaching not only how to make the project, but also how the pieces can interact.

However, one is never limited to making just that item. This educational toy encourages the child to discover not only how his project can be morphed, but also how it can be changed entirely, transforming into a totally different model. Morphing of one project into another allows not only excitement on the child’s part, but also a satisfaction of making it his own.

These educational and fun toys can also fit well in the classroom. From art to physics to math – all would be natural placements. The suggested age for these sets begins at six. This opens the use of these educational toys from first grade on up. That could really bring excitement to the classroom!

The KnuckleStrutz building sets include designs for flying machines (High Flyerz), robots (Knuckle Bots), motorcycles (Hyper Bikez), cars (Racerz and Off Roadz), trucks (Knucks Delux) and space related (Cosmic Pulsar). These sets will be fun for all to make – and then enjoy playing with them and making move and interact. There are also two sets that are “discovery” type toys. The Gearz and Geometry sets will spark the curiosity and imagination of boys and girls, young and old. No matter how you look at it, all these sets will bring hours of enjoyment.

These innovative building sets will quickly become a favorite toy that will provide hours of fun. They will also allow for great sharing time for parents and grandparents with the children. Imagine how popular the teacher that uses the KnuckleStrutz product in their classroom! The possibilities for these exciting toys are endless.

The KnuckleStrutz building toy sets can be viewed and purchased online at either or There is also a newsletter that you can subscribe to so that you are kept informed of the new releases. There is great excitement and anticipation of having five more products out during 2015. KnuckleStrutz “is obsessed with innovation and ingenuity”. This is the driving force behind their continuing development of “new parts, new models and new educational activities”. Visit our websites. Share what you find there with friends. Spread the word about this innovative, exciting construction toy. Enhance the life of a child. Enjoy watching your child’s excitement, growth and enjoyment. Wait and watch for the positive effects on your child’s life.