Building Toy Sets KnuckleStrutz!

The latest and most innovative construction Building Toy Sets on the market!

Each piece can be connected to the next in a variety of ways, making both solid connections, and flexible, moving joints! KnuckleStrutz is an educational toy that encourages creativity and imagination in your child. KnuckleStrutz joints allow you to dynamically morph, transform, and re-shape your creations into all kinds of configurations including helicopter and motorcycle toys. Check out our amazing Model Building Toy Sets, including the Big Rig and Fire Truck, with 397 pieces and the ability to make 8 models, it’s our biggest and most creative kit yet!


Geometry construction set is made of interlocking geometric shapes. with the amazing morphing power of KnuckleStrutz joints, these building toys can transform, while all of the pieces are still connected!


Geometry construction set is made of interlocking geometric shapes. with the amazing morphing power of KnuckleStrutz joints, these building toys can transform, while all of the pieces are still connected!

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  • I used enjoy playing with Lincoln Logs as a child, and love seeing my boys enjoy them just as much. These are just as fun as those so dont miss out on getting your kids something great. The possibilities are endless with KnuckleStrutz®. My Boys use the KnuckleStrutz® to build multiple size cars, motorcycle, trucks and educational toys.

    Micael B.

Building Toy Sets

Creative Construction Toys

One of the most popular categories of toys that many parents turn to for their children are those that spark and interest in Constructing Creativity with Toys. Kids are often intrigued by these kinds because of the possibility of making things with their own little hands.

Watch a child's eyes as they beam with excitement from showing their mom or dad what they have made. The parents' expressions are equally remarkable as they discover the creativity level of their child. From the very earliest stages of life, kids are taken with building something out of something else.

Creative construction toys for toddlers are a great way to gauge a child's way of thinking about space, size, and critical thinking. They figure out what can fit where and what they need to do to make a certain thing happen. They really do put a lot of thought into it.

Educational Toys

Sets like Duplo blocks or Tinker toys spark a lot of creativity and most kids just get lost in their imagination when presented with a chance to construct whatever they want. At this stage, children try to figure out how to get these blocks stacked or set exactly the way they want them. Some like the excitement of building the structure up and then watching it come crashing back down to the ground. Others like figuring how to make house-like tent to play or hide other toys in.

Construction Toys

Construction toys for building are utilized by schools, doctors, and parents to see where a child's problem-solving abilities lie. This is particularly important in order to assess what help, if any, a child will need with mental development issues. Another good reason for these toys can be just to simply see how children play together when working with these toys in a group environment. This helps to find and correct any behavioral issues early on as well.

Learning Toys

These construction toys are for sale almost anywhere and everywhere but if you are looking to buy one of the new KnuckleStrutz creative construction toy sets then you will need to visit to get them. For others they can be found at many toy stores or department stores. KnuckleStrutz are also found for sale at internet sites such as Amazon. They offer toys of this type for specific age ranges. This to simply accommodate a child at every stage of development. Because construction toys are competitively priced and can be relatively inexpensive.

This is great because children find ways of constructing toys that look like people, so toy companies make toys that transform or have body parts to put together. Every level of a child's growth can benefit from construction toys even into adulthood as some adults have building tendencies that still serve them well.

These toys make well-rounded children that are capable of creative-thinking and problem-solving. These skills will be needed and, in deed, used for the rest of their lives. So while these products seem like simple toys, creative construction toys are useful tools that provide great feasibility well into the future.